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Dimensional 3D letters & logo signs will bring your logo to life with individual 3D letters and shapes made of foam, plastic, acrylic, or metal. We sell dimensional letters for indoor and outdoor use from 1/4 inch to 24 inches tall. Signworks specializes in helping businesses brand the entrance of a building, a marquee sign, and interior office space.

Can you make my logo into a 3D sign?

Yes! We can bring your logo to life with dimensional letters and components. Logos can be installed on a wall as individual components, or mounted to a sign board. We will work with you to create the perfect rendition of your logo that will match your interior design and architectural elements.

Are 3D letters used indoors or outdoors?

Dimensional 3D letters and signs are a great choice for both interior and exterior use. Signworks offers a variety of finishes and materials for any application.

What materials choices do I have?

Choose materials in acrylic, cast metal, cut metal, metal laminate, formed plastic, cut plastic, pvc, foam, and more. Letters and shapes are custom colored to match your logo pantone colors.

Can I move 3D letters to a different location?

Yes! We install the letters using a template, and if you need your sign relocated just give us a call and we can print a new template and carefully remove the letters for relocation.

How are dimensional letters mounted?

We mount the letters using different concealed methods, depending on the surface. The most common method is stud mounting, where a metal stud is mounted into the wall. Letters can also be fixed to a wall using adhesive or a special type of keyhole fastener if the letters need to be “locked” to the wall to prevent removal.

Metal Letters

Flat Cut Metal

Sophisticated yet durable, these letters come in multiple finishes in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, or bronze. Flat Cut Metal letters can be up to 46″ high and up to 1″ deep.

Cast Metal

Get greater depth with cast metal letters and logos. Cast Metal letters can be up to 36″ in height and 3″ deep.

Stainless Steel

Hollow, fabricated letters that can also accommodate a light source and can be any height.  Choose a metal finish or painted finish.

Plastic Letters

Laser Cut Acrylic

These solid acrylic letters are available in 32 colors, or can be painted a custom color. Acrylic letters can be up to 1″ thick, and 72″ high.

Formed Plastic

Formed plastic letters have unlimited styles and colors, and can be up to 68″ as one piece. They can be lighted or chromed.

Molded Plastic

Get the look and feel of cast metal letters in a plastic product. Molded Plastic Letters can be up to 1.5″ deep and 18″ high.

Laminated Letters & Changeable Copy

Laminated Letters

Affordable and beautiful, laminated letters are perfect for your interior sign needs. Choose a metal, plastic, or painted finish up to 3″ thick and 24″ high.

Flat Changeable Copy

Made for changeable message boards, these letters are available up to 11″ high.

Marquee Letters

Classic marquee letters for theaters, restaurants, and retail stores, these letters fit on tracks and are up to 31″ high.