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We create custom banners for real estate, contractors, churches, restaurants, retail stores, schools, and more! We can print up to 16 feet wide on vinyl, mesh, and fabric. Banners are perfect for graduations, special events, trade shows, and for temporary use.

What are the finishing options for banners?

Quality banners that last require hemming to reinforce the edges. Depending on the use, we can stitch the banner material, use adhesive banner tape on the edges, or sew pole pockets. We offer single sided or double sided banners. Grommets are included and are usually spaced 2’ to 3’ apart unless otherwise specified.

Can I use banners indoors?

Absolutely! Use photos, logos, or inspirational quotes to create wall coverings for schools and businesses. We can print banners to decorated retail stores, restaurants, beauty salons, job centers, and more using banners as wall murals.

Can I put a banner in a frame to stand alone?

Yes! We sell stand-alone frames for banners that are a low-cost alternative to plywood signs.

How large of a banner can you make?

Signworks makes small banners for trade shows and birthdays, and large banners for billboards and grand openings. We can create banners as large as 50 feet in length and up to 10 feet in height.

What types of materials can I choose from?

Signworks offers banners made out of vinyl. We use mesh material for large outdoor banners, and either 12 oz. or 13 oz. material for smaller applications. Just let us know the specifics of how and where the banner will be installed, and we will suggest the best material for your application.

How can I be sure that my banner can be seen?

To be effective, a banner needs to be easily seen and read from a distance. Go to the distance legibility chart in “Resources” to get an idea of how large the letters on a banner need to be in order to be seen.

Letter HeightLegible Viewing Distance
 2″ 49′
9″300′ (length of a football field)