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Signworks will help you to get maximum impact day and night with a lighted sign. We offer custom cabinet signs, channel letters, back lit letters and awnings, pylon signs, and more to help you make a bright and colorful impression with your customers.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are fabricated or formed three-dimensional letters that are hollow to accommodate a light source. Traditionally, NEON was the typical light source, but the last few years have seen a switch to more energy efficient L.E.D. Channel letters are installed directly to a building or to a self-standing structure.

Reverse Channel Letters

If the front of the channel letter is solid, the lighting will emit a glow behind the letter at night and is referred to as “reverse channel letters.”

Cabinet Sign

A cabinet sign is made of a metal cabinet that houses electrical lighting, and has an opaque sign face made of acrylic or plastic. Cabinet signs can be rectangular or custom shapes. Digitally printed vinyl, vinyl letters, or dimensional letters are generally used to decorate the sign face.

Illuminated Wayfinding Sign

Lighted directional signage depends is a great way to communicate information at night. These signs are typically viewed from a vehicle or on foot. They let you know where you want to go and give direction to get to your destination.

Illuminated Monument Sign

Illuminated monument signs are free-standing and seated directly on the ground or mounted on a low base, and tend to be at eye-level. The base can be brick, wood, concrete, aluminum, or dense polyurethane foam. Monuments can be further enhanced with illuminated cabinets or message boards to further enhance their visibilty.

Pylon Sign

Lighted pylon signs are freestanding with a visible support structure (usually a pole) or with the support structure enclosed with a pole cover. This type of sign is designed to soar high above your business and alert customers to your location.