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Signs For Schools

Adding inspirational signage to your hallways, lobby and classrooms is a great way to motivate students and add school spirit. We can apply a large school logo or mascot decal on the wall or floor, quotes or uplifting phrases on the walls, and even 3D letters inside or outside. Signworks also installs posters, banners and window graphics, which are great signs for schools because they are cost effective and can be changed seasonally. Signworks provides creative signs for schools such as Shelby County Schools, Charter Schools, Universities, and Vo-Tech campuses in the Memphis area.


Signworks has custom floor decals for almost any surface. These durable decals apply easily and will remove clean without causing damage to the floor. Schools use floor decals on their gymnasium floor, entrance lobby, and hallways.


Signworks has custom wall decals for almost any surface, including brick. Unlike paint, these durable decals apply easily and can be removed. Use wall decals to add your school logo or mascot, logos to a lobby or entrance, or decorate with a wall mural or inspirational text.


The front entrance to your school is the first thing that people see when visiting, so a professional lobby area is important. The types of lobby signs that we can design are endless! 3D letters, custom artwork,
posters, plaques, and vinyl wall murals are just a few options that we can use for your lobby space.


Signworks can apply vinyl decals to brick, metal or stucco exterior surfaces, too! We can wrap columns, doors, lobby desks and more!


We can custom make various types of directional signs for schools, from vinyl letters that apply directly onto the wall, to foam board or aluminum signs that mount to the wall or hang from the ceiling.


Put your school logo or mascot on the gym floor with a slip resistant vinyl decal. Unlike paint, these decals are semi-permanent, so can be removed with no damage to the flooring.


Poster and banner signs for schools are a cost-effective way to include signage in your hallways, or seasonal messages that will change frequently. Use posters and banners to acknowledge sports events or holiday messages.


Dimensional 3D letters and logos will give your school lobby or building a professional appearance. We can design and install individual letters and shapes made of foam, plastic, acrylic, or metal.


We can design and install a ground level monument sign, or update an existing sign.  There are many options available, including a wooden sign, brick, or metal cabinet. Lettering can be printed on a flat panel, or made with 3D letters or even lighted.