Do I Need a Sign Permit?

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Flat Cut Painted Aluminum Letters
Greencork Metal Blade Sign With Digitally Printed Graphics

A permit is usually required for:

  1. Adding a sign to the front of a building

  2. Adding a sign next to the street

  3. Modifying a sign, including text change

  4. Temporary signs in some cases

The procedure for getting a sign permit is specific in every city, and sometimes overlaps with special district areas.  Because it changes quite frequently, it’s a good idea to consult a local sign company who can offer guidance before a sign is designed or purchased. Sign code regulations adhere to which zone the sign will be located. Regulations include size, height, setback, lighting, landscaping, and sometimes even color. The size of the lot and building can also dictate how large of a sign is permissible. Temporary signs also may require a permit, depending on the use.

When applying for a sign permit, an application must be completed, as well as a detailed diagram showing the size and components of the sign and how it is to be installed. A mock up of the sign on the building is also required to show the desired location of installation. Lighted signs will also need a separate electrical permit. The permit fee can be either a flat rate, by sign type, or per square foot.

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