How Much Does A Vehicle Wrap Cost?

Delta Materials Ford Transit Van Wrap

A vehicle wrap is one of the most cost effective advertising investments for a business. When budgeting for vehicle wrap cost , there are two factors to take into consideration. The first factor is the square footage of the wrap area, and the second factor is how much time it will take to install. Vehicles with curves, indented panels, and rivets may factor at a higher installation rate.

If you need a logo created or a wrap designed, there may also be a design or set up fee. We offer graphic design in-house, which generally ranges from $50 – $250. It’s helpful to give us examples of designs that you like, as well as any current colors, fonts, or art work that you may have so that we can keep your brand consistent.

We produce our wraps with a 3 step process. First, we print the on premium 3M comply vinyl with original manufacturer ink for crisp, vibrant color. Next, the vinyl is dried for 24 hours to cure. Finally, we laminate the vinyl with a clear 3M protective UV film to protect from scratches and ensure the color does not fade with sun exposure. Below is a rough price range that you can expect to pay for a quality wrap using this process.

$2000 – $3000

$3000 – $4000

$4000 – $5000

$5000 – $8000

$2000 – $5000