How To Compare Vehicle Wrap Quotes

4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Wrap

When researching graphics providers for your vehicle wrap project, we recommend that you ask for specifications to be itemized so that you can know how to compare vehicle wrap quotes. That way, you are able to make an informed comparison. A wrap is an investment, and it’s important that it lasts as expected. Below are four major things that you need to know about your wrap quote before you buy.

1. Vinyl

The type of vinyl that is used is the #1 factor in the longevity of your wrap. There are two different categories of vinyl that can be used for vehicle wraps: calendared and cast. Calendared vinyl is thicker and has a more aggressive adhesive, where cast vinyl has an ultra-thin premium quality, is highly conformable, and is clean-removing. Calendared vinyl is typically 50% less expensive, but over several months it will start to shrink and eventually fail. It will also not conform easily over rivets and around curves. Therefore, calendared vinyl is not recommended for vehicle graphics.

For vehicle application we recommend only cast vinyl. The product we use is 3M™ brand cast vinyl in a 2-mil thickness (specifically 3M Controltac Graphic Film with Comply v3 Adhesive IJ180Cv3) for all of our vehicle wraps. This will ensure that every wrap looks great for years, and is how we can offer a 3 year warranty on our product.

2. Laminate

A wrap is an investment, and a quality wrap should last for 5 to 8 years. Technically it is not necessary to laminate a wrap, however, it is industry standard unless the wrap is temporary.  A good UV laminate film protects against fading, weathering, and scuffing of the print. When comparing wrap quotes, you want to be sure that a UV laminate film is being applied. The laminate we use for every vehicle wrap is a clear film 3M 8519 overlaminate product.

3. Ink

We use only high quality original equipment manufacturer ink for our Mimaki JV33 printers to achieve great durability and undeniable precision. Even though OEM ink is more expensive, we find that it translates into superior print quality, and delivers consistent color match. We allow the ink on the graphics to fully cure for 24 hours before lamination to ensure a beautiful print and proper adhesion.

4. Warranty

We offer a 3 year limited warranty on our graphics and wrap installation.  Signworks has 34 years of wrap experience, so we’ve seen how our wraps weather through the years. That’s why we use high quality materials and professional installers to make sure every wrap is a high quality product that will last for many years. Our customers expect a high return on their investment, and Signworks is committed to delivering a superior product that you can trust.

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