How To Install Vinyl Decals

Before You Begin

  • Clean the surface with alcohol, and dry thoroughly with a clean lint free cloth.
  • Ensure that the surface temperature is above 50°F, or your decal will not adhere.
  • If needed, warm the surface with a heat gun or hair dryer.

Applying the Vinyl Decal

How To Install Vinyl Decals Tape The Decal

1. Measure and tape the decal into position. Run a piece of tape vertically over the center of the graphic making sure it adheres firmly above and below. This tape will act as a center hinge.

2. Remove back liner paper from one half of the decal. Cut or fold back release liner at the vertical center.

3. Lay the decal on the surface making sure the graphic is correctly positioned. Rub a felt squeegee from center out. Use firm overlapping strokes. You must go over 100% of the decal.

How To Install Vinyl Decals Squeegee Other Side

4. Repeat this process for the other half of the decal.

How To Install Vinyl Decals Remove Masking Tape

5. Remove masking tape at a sharp angle. Do not pull it straight up as this may stretch and tear the decal. Do not squeegee any uncovered vinyl as this may scuff the surface. If necessary, poke air bubbles with a needle to let air out and smooth out with your fingers.

How To Install Vinyl Decals After Installation

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