Metal Pan Sign Photos

Metal pan signs are non-lighted, and constructed of metal sheets and square tubing.  They can be made from solid pieces of metal, or a metal frame with an insert, and can be up to 2″ deep.  These signs are a popular choice because they are sturdy and cost effective.  We can apply vinyl to the panels, or install 3D letters for a second layer of dimension.

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Kocke Cosmetic Metal Blade Sign


Metal Pan Sign With Acrylic Overface & 3D Letters


Pan Sign With 3D Letters

Aluminum Pan Sign Being Installed

Aluminum Pan Sign Being Installed

Valley Subdivision Pan Signs With Aluminum 3D Letters

Oval Base With 1″ Depth Aluminum 3D Letters

Pan Sign With 3D Letters and Metal Blade Sign with Wooden Faces

Matte Black Metal Pan Sign & Blade Sign


Fabricated Metal Letters On Metal Pan Back


Suspended Panel Sign


Custom Fabricated With Mounting Tabs

Dibond Blade Sign

Dibond Blade Sign


Primas Bakery Non-Lighted Sign


Panel Sign With Vinyl Overlay