Lighted Signs

Fabrication, Revision & Repair

Whether you are starting fresh with new construction, moving in to a new building with an existing sign, or need sign repair, we can help with your lighted signs.  The most common request that we have is to replace the faces on an existing sign. We replace the faces, but also replace damaged bulbs or ballasts at the same time as the face replacement. Additionally, we repair and make revisions to update a sign cabinet to reinforce the structure or change the shape. If you have a non-lighted sign in mind, see examples of Exterior 3D Letters.

How To Get Started

First, we find out what is allowable in your specific city and zone for the permit process. Second, we get an idea of the scope of the project and what solutions are possible. Third, we take your logo and artwork and design and price options that are within your budget. To get started, send us the following information, or give us a call at 901-350-2027 to discuss your project.

1. Address for zoning information
2. Photo of existing sign or desired location
3. Logo or artwork
4. Lease specifications (if applicable)

Redeemed Empowerment Center Lighted Monument Sign

This custom fabricated lighted monument sign for Empowerment Center has push-through letters and a lighted circle element on both sides.


This Solar Powered LED Blade Sign not only eliminated the need for commercial wiring, but will not add to the electric bill.

Baptist Home Care Channel Letters

LED Channel Letters are fabricated three-dimensional letters that are hollow in order to accommodate a light source.

Reverse Halo Lit LED Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letters are lighted from behind, or “halo lit” for a glow effect. Additionally, they are also popular for indoor signage.

Parman Energy Lighted Pole Sign Revision

Not only do Lighted Pole Signs soar high above your business to be seen from a distance, but also are lighted for maximum visibility.

Custom Lighted Archway

We Fabricate Custom Signs. For example, metal archways, pole signs, and directional signs to match existing architecture.

Clarke Lighted Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs are rectangular or custom shapes. Additionally, they can include vinyl letters or dimensional letters.

Atrium Lighted Wayfinding Sign

Lighted Wayfinding Signs are a great way to communicate information at night.

Reverse Channel Letters Panel Sign

Lighted signs can be built with multiple layered elements.

Reverse Channel Letters Atrium
Lighted Channel Letters Intrepid Gymnastics
Lighted Channel Letters