Signworks: Hilton Approved Vendor

Signworks is a Hilton Approved Vendor for 30 years, and authorized to print the copyrighted Hilton hotel wraps listed below. Premium 3M vinyl and a protective UV laminate is used to guard against scratches and fading. Quality ink achieves superior print quality and crisp, vibrant color. As a result, our wraps look great for many years. Additionally, we ship our wrap kits nationwide, and can provide a list of 3M Certified installers in your area for the wrap installation. Send us competitor quotes to take advantage of our price match guarantee.  You can find detailed wrap information on the How to Compare Vehicle Wrap Quotes page.

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Hilton Garden Inn 2018 Wrap

Hilton Garden Inn Wrap

Embassy Suites Wrap

Embassy Suites Wrap

Homewood Suites-New-Graphics-Design-2020

Homewood Suites New 2020 Design

Home2 Suites Wrap

Home2 Suites Wrap

DoubleTree 2018 Wrap White Van

DoubleTree Wrap


Tru By Hilton Full Wrap


Tru By Hilton Spot Graphics

Hampton Blue Wrap
Hampton Orange Wrap
Hampton Red Wrap
Hampton Yellow Wrap

Hampton Wrap Options

Hilton Hotel Wrap Hello
Hilton Hotel Wrap Winter
Hilton Hotel Wrap Urban Day
Hilton Hotel Wrap Refresh
Hilton Hotel Wrap Fish
Hilton Hotel Wrap Urban Night

Hilton Hotel Wraps

Hilton Dual Wrap 2 Brands
Hilton Dual Wrap 3 Brands
Hilton - Non Hilton Brand Wrap
Hilton - Non Hilton 2 Brands Wrap
Hilton Hotel Wrap Fish

Hilton-Dual Brand Wrap Options