Solar Powered Signs: Cost & Benefits

Memphis Rox Solar Powered LED Blade Sign
Memphis Rox Solar Powered LED Blade Sign At Night

Costs of Solar Signs:

  1. Battery Packs
  2. Solar Panels
  3. Battery Replacement Every 3 – 5 Years

Benefits of Solar Signs:

  1. No Electrical Wiring
  2. No Electrical Permit
  3. No Utility Cost

Let’s talk about going green! Solar powered green energy has come a long way in the past decade. The sign industry is finally benefiting from the improved technology with solar powered lighted signs. Is a solar powered sign going to save money, or cost more money in the long run? The are some factors that businesses should consider before buying a solar powered sign.

Where electrical wiring is not present, a solar powered sign is a great option. Installing the wiring to the sign site must be completed by a licensed electrician, and must carry a separate electrical permit. Signs that are solar powered eliminate costly grid-tie installation, while promoting renewable energy solutions. Additionally, businesses will enjoy the benefit of a utility free electrical sign for years.

Solar signs have an additional up-front cost of the solar panels and battery packs, which can cost $2000 or more.  However, a business that does not already have a wired storefront can counter that cost by eliminating the need for commercial electrical work and an electrical permit. That being said, the continuing cost of battery replacement is expected every 3 to 5 years. Additionally, the solar panels must be positioned in an area where they can charge the batteries adequately.

It is definitely worth considering a solar powered sign if the building is not already wired for an electric sign, or if the sign is located a long distance from the main power source.  Solar signs do have an additional up-front cost of the battery packs and solar panels, but will have no utility costs. The batteries will need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.


  • Parks & Outdoor Areas
  • Leased Buildings With No Electrical Wired
  • Food Trucks & Festival Tents
  • Green Businesses